Saturday, September 13, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008


Congratulations to Reid on achieving his sub-5:00 mile in the virtual 1 mile, truly an inspiration! I really enjoyed my 1st virtual race - trying to break out of my 9:00 mile rut.  Of course I chose the flattest stretch I could find in my hilly neighborhood to time myself and managed to run it in 8:48 - I was pooped, can't even imagine what 4:59.95 looks like!  A couple years back I had a PR of 8:43 now I really want to keep working on improving my pace.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

In need of advice

Now that I'm running longer distances I need some way to track how far I've run. I'm considering either the Nike i-pod sport, or the Garmin 405. I like the nike because it costs much less, but I've heard it can be unreliable. I like the GPS function on the Garmin but the cost really puts me off. I'm not super crazed about my times and tracking every last detail about my runs. I just want to know how far I've gone, and how much time it took. I know I can get the less expensive garmin, but I'm not into wearing that huge clunky thing when I run. Any advice - save up for the garmin or go ahead and get the nike? BTW I don't run in nike sneaks so I'd also need to get some sort of device to attach the nike to my Mizuno's.

Ran 6 miles yesterday - I procrastinated all day long and ended up going late in the afternoon. I really prefer early runs, and I was just dogging it. The weather was so strange very autumnal rainy, windy, cold - I was freezing all day long. I wore my running pants and a long sleeved shirt which turned out to be a mistake, I got so hot and tired and then aggravated with myself for my poor choice in clothes that I didn't much enjoy the run. Must choose better next time!

Friday, August 29, 2008

One Mile Challenge

Found this fun virtual Challenge over at Life Strides. The super-speedy Reid is trying to run a sub 5:00 mile. In a show of solidarity as many runners as possible will run their fastest (or not-so-fast) mile as well. It's embarrassing to say "fast" and sub 9:00 minute mile in the same sentence, but that's my reality. I'm usually about a 9:15 mile when I push it a bit, my PR is 8:43. I've been training for a half marathon and have been focusing on distance not speed, so this will be an interesting exercise for me and a good excuse to get some speed work into my runs. Good Luck to Reid - with all those runner vibes out there supporting him hopefully he'll break through!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

non-runner nancy

I love this new site that I've found. Since I've been running more seriously, I've also been finding some new running blogs in addition to all the knitty/crafty blogs that I love. Nancy's site is just friendly, motivating and non-threatening. Some of the running sites are soo intense with these uber-fit psycho runners. Nancy's site is for the rest of us - those who love (mostly, usually) running, but have very human struggles. She has created some fun virtual races which are great for me because they give me that sense of comradery since all of my very real running partners have succumbed to injury. As Nancy puts it running is easier with friends. My first virtual race was August 8th and I didn't even know I was doing it. After I completed my long run of 8 miles, I found Nancy's site a realized I had un-officially run along with the 8-8-08 Olympic Spirit run - who knew? Next time I hope I have a heads up and can participate for real - virtually.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alissa Baby

This is the Waldorf baby doll I made for Alissa when she was 5. In a fit of originality she named her Alissa baby, and off she trotted to kindergarten to show off her new dolly. It seems like I just made that doll, and that Alissa was just 5 only a moment ago. But somehow Alissa is now almost 13 and almost as tall as me. Happily she still loves her 'Alissa baby' toting her along to overnights at her friend's homes. I know in a blink she'll be off to college taking her 'Alissa baby' with her because she seems to understand how much love was put into making that doll just for her, and that wherever life takes her, Alissa baby is a bit of home.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Which Jane Austen Character are you?