Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ta Da...

I'm getting's a picture of Fraser Canyon from my vacation to British Columbia last summer. I never could figure out why my own photos wouldn't upload using the standard eblogger method. So I downloaded Picassa which seems to do the trick. Really I will have some knitting pictures soon!
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I'll get these pics uploaded if it takes all day!

uhghh... this is so unprofessional - why is it that I can upload pics off the web, but not my own pictures????? Help!!


OK it's been a rather sad start to my life as a blogger, but I really, really want to do this. So as I say to my kids when things have gone badly, lets have a re-do. I'm so motivated by all the other blogs I read - I think it will really help me to keep motivated with my knitting if I actually participate rather than just being a voyeur. So I have decided to commit to the sock a month knitalong over at knitten' mom. I'm also inspired, yet intimidated by the challenge for Olympic Knitters by the yarn harlot. I love the idea, I love the Olympics - it would be really cool to be knitting like crazy while watching the games - so I'm mulling it over. I'm very intimidated by the Hardangervidda sweater Stephanie is knitting - I was thinking more along the lines of the Hourglass sweater from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, which seems pretty lame by comparison - but I know my limits.

My biggest problem with this whole blogging thing is the technology. I'm just not up to speed. For instance, I did finish the book First Desire ages ago. But it took me forever to figure out how to get that little book on my page, and now that I've moved on, do you think I remember how to do it again? Right. I'm also trying to figure out how to put pics on my blog as I think that is the most interesting part on the other blogs I read - I love getting the little glimpses into other peoples lives. Still having touble getting the pics on-line, hope to figure it out soon! Anyone out there with any advice - books, web sites etc. to help me on my way?