Friday, December 23, 2005

Notta Lotta Bloggin' Goin' On

I'm totally disappointed with myself and my complete lack of blogging. Many excuses to be had - the laryngitis cold, zillions of holiday events, mad shopping, and a week long bout of explosive diarrhea for poor Caroline. Yet still I notice that others seem to manage daily posts, I take solace in noting that some of my favorite bloggers seem to be experiencing a bit of a slow down. Still working on the Haiku scarf for my mother in-law, but making pretty good progress. I think I'll be able to finish without a last-minute frenzy. I did get new needles for the lace work and they make a world of difference - Balene's white plastic needles with a fabulous point, and a steal at only $2.80!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lazy Day

hurray...finally got the little book to link to amazon! today is a lovely light snowy day, went for a run with paul and rae. alissa painted a pretty little water color johnny jump up - this will be my christmas present - we just need to get a suitable frame. i'll upload a picture of it as soon as i figure out how. i've been taking a stab at my first lace knitting project. i bought some gorgeous purple mohair yarn at rhinebeck - haiku from alchemy. it's to be a scarf for my mother in-law, but so far i'm not loving the lace experience - i was all excited to use my lantern moon needles with this yarn, but the needles are too blunt to pick up the fine yarn - it's been excruciating. word on the street is that bryspuns might be a better choice. can't wait to get to the woolly lamb on monday - gosh i hope they're open on mondays.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blogging 101

can't think of anything clever to write on my first post, oh my what am i thinking? how in the heck do I edit my template so that i can have a cute little picture of the current book i'm reading that links right to amazon? [see the giant non-linking image below right]
I've been at this for ages, i'm sure it must be easier than i'm making it.