Sunday, September 30, 2007

No time to blog

Yes, Wee little blue boy did arrive safe and sound all the way from Tasmania to New York! Thank you Jenny - he is as sweet and lovingly made as I knew he would be. My girls and I all love him - we took him to Boston with us - I was a bit disappointed because he seemed to prefer the pool to all of the fabulous historic sights (but he is just a baby after all what can you expect?) Sorry the pic is a bit of a blur - you know it's tough to get those little ones to sit still. My husband thinks we are all odd in the way we take him with us and place him in different little scenes around the house.

So far my plan of keeping up with the blog hasn't turned out too well. Back to work at the library full-time, as well as two night classes (required so that I can keep my job) has not proved to be condusive to blogging. I do manage to read a few of my favorites, and it makes me crazy to see all the wonderful things bloggers are doing - sometimes it feels like my life is passing me by! The Boston trip was in August, and tomorrow is October 1st - how did that happen? I'm off for now hopefully more to post soon. It's a beautiful autumn day today - unfortunately I'll be spending most of it inside a theater. I'm taking all three girls to see the stage production of High School Musical of all things. I love having the day with my girls, but I'd rather have it at home in the country on such a lovely day. Oh well the things we sacrifice for our children...