Monday, May 15, 2006

Computer Woes

Well this has certainly been an unplanned hiatus. A variety of circumstances have prevented me from blogging in ages. My computer has some sort of major illness that even Paul couldn't repair, so no pictures I'm afraid. But I have been knitting - I completed the fingerless mitts for Alissa, I've finished the yoke and 1 1/2 sleeves on the Pearl Buck swing, and working alternately on my May socks, and a scarf for my car and soccer knitting. Soccer by the way has taken over my life - pretty much four nights a week. I love watching the girls play, it's loads of fun to see the 4 and 5 year olds run back and forth across the field in this tight little bundle of chubby arms and legs, and Alissa's youth league is now really beginning to look like real soccer with lots of action - but it makes the evenings crazy busy - I miss our sit down dinners!

I also have a new job!! In my former life before kids, I was an accountant. While I was at home with the girls I earned my master's degree in library science, but my last daughter was born just as I finished my degree, so I've never used it, aside from some spotty freelance work. Well five years have passed, and Caroline went off to school, but I felt as though no one would hire me after so long with no experience. Suddenly two weeks ago an opportunity pretty much fell in my lap. Now I have this great job in the library at a cute little rural school, with a fabulous new library. The job is just two days a week with school hours and vacations, so it's a great way to get my feet wet. I'm just so pleased to be working in my field, yet still have time for the girls. It's funny how your priorities change so much. I've had the power job and at one point in my life was so driven by my work, I could have never imagined that I would one day see things so differently.

So things are now a little more busy, but it's all good and I'm thankful. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon. I think I chose this Cezanne still life because I'm wishing for a bit more stillness in my life right now.