Sunday, September 03, 2006

Where have I been?

Here! Beauooootiful Colorado. After a long, long, long drive from New York, through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and finally Colorado - we spent a week in Steamboat Springs. This was our view lakefront from our campsite. We stayed at Pearl Lake state park, it was wonderful. I finally finished my confederate gray sock on the ride out past miles and miles of cornfields. Then appropriately started my next pair of socks with Mountain Colors yarn.

I thought I would have gotten tons more knitting done on the drive, but I was completey distracted views around me - I didn't want to miss anything. We've wanted to drive cross country for years now, and finally decided that the girls were at a good age to try it. I just wanted to see it all - the Iowa corn fields, the wind farms, Nebraska flatlands, the rolling prairies of Eastern Colorado, then suddenly this...

I think only by driving it could we have felt how we did when we finally saw the mountains. My husband and I were both struck immediately by the feeling of what the pioneers must have thought and felt when they saw this ahead of them. Here we were in our GMC Envoy complete with portable DVD player to keep the girls from driving us crazy. I just love this country and am newly amazed by the hearty souls that had the nerve to do this in a covered wagon.