Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time's up!

And we have a winner!...oh no, and a loser. But enough about me (the loser) let's hear from our proud Gold Medalist Alissa.

"I was really surprised when I won and Mom didn't. She's such a better knitter than me. I should give her credit because she's taught me sooooooooooo much about knitting (and she chose a bigger project than me ........ and I started a little early).(Tee-hee). But my project was an orange suede scarf that's very comfy. The scarf is as long as I am tall. I'm sooo happy I finished- it's my first knitted project I finished."

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Well I'm so proud of Alissa this her first finished project after many years of gentle pressure from me to get her to knit. This Olympic project really sparked her interest, and she's so pleased with her finished object that hopefully she'll continue.

I'm pretty disappointed not to have finished myself, but as it became more and more clear that I would not be done without Herculean efforts - I decided to enjoy the process, enjoy the Olympics, and enjoy my girls for their last few days of winter break. I'm very glad that I participated - it was really fun knitting along with women all over the world, and now I have a sweater that's 75% complete. Caroline's dolly miss Ariel has graciously agreed to model:

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Lessons learned along the way: it's not really necessary to make cute stitch markers to match my project (although I do really love them), and it's probably not a good idea to become obsessed with creating a new blog at the same time, and lastly I should always check the kid's school vacation schedules before making such a commitment. Thank goodness this was all just for fun - and it was fun. Goodbye Olympics!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tic Toc

I didn't even consider the irony when choosing the aptly named Hourglass sweater for my Olympic knitting challenge - but it's oh sooo clear to me now. The lyrics from the Queen song Under Pressure reverberate through my mind as I sit in my nest on the couch watching the Games, trying to knit through the achiness in my left wrist. I had no time to train, no swatching, late arriving yarn, volunteer commitments, cancellation of school due to high winds, and now the dreaded mid-winter break all conspire against me. And I've just discovered the highly stressful countdown clock at the Yarn Harlot's site. Yet I'm inspired by the athletes - I will press on.
I'm trying to go with the "Enjoy the Process" Eddy the Eagle attitude.

But yes, I must confess - I really want to earn a gold medal for my Blog page.
So with that stark reality I will employ all available resources.

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Coffee - Check
Merlot - Check
Chocolate - Check
Addi Turbos - Check

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

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Craftiness abounds in this household. The Valentine on top was made by Caroline at her Waldorf preschool - she watercolor painted the big heart then decorated the top with pretty paper hearts. The hearts on the chandelier are the classic waxed paper with melted crayon sandwiched between and the beaded heart in the middle is a la Martha Stewart, from last year's Kids Magazine. We made the beaded hearts with my Girl Scout troop last year, I just love how they catch the light. Over 60 handmade Valentine's were produced by the girls' for their friends at school - the glittery doily heart variety. And I made some giant heart shaped cut out cookies which did not last long enough for me to snap a picture. Bottom pic shows the gifts for the girls wraped in 1940's reproduction fabric that I found at Carriage House quilts in East Aurora (I've just discovered this cute little shop, tons of cute, cute fabric). What's inside these pretty packages? The Long Winter for Alissa, Little Pear for Caroline, and peanut butter hearts for Emily. But best of all are the peppermint nougats - I've only ever seen them at Christmas - I was thrilled to find them with a Valentine theme - love them! Sadly they're gone already, and I can't blame the girls. Must see if I can find them marked down post holiday.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Braided Toe Holder

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I don't know why, but the name of this sock makes me laugh. I can just imagine the designer trying to come up with something clever. Anyhow, at long last here's my first post of a finished object - my new Braided Toe Holders! I'm modeling them in my favorite shoes - my Born Mary Janes. They're sensible yet feminine, and I feel about five years old when I wear them. I wear these shoes all the time with my jeans and love that my pretty handknit socks peak out of the open top so that I can secretly admire them. Would a 40 year old woman wear shoes like these? You betcha!

I knit these on #2 dpns, using one skein of Mountain Colors Yarn in Sierra. The pattern is from 3 Trails Handknit Designs. This pattern has a pretty little braid that looks like a small cable, but is actually a twisted stitch pattern. The twisted stitches definitely added to the knitting time, and I think would have been more effective in a solid yarn - the pattern gets a bit lost with the variegated. But I love them and will wear them often.