Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Incredible Stretching Sweater

I finished up the Hourglass as planned Tuesday night. I tried it on and it fit perfectly - sleeves perfect, neckline perfect, length perfect. Everything perfectemundo. So I gave it a nice little bath and layed it out gently on a soft towel, smoothed it and went to bed feeling rather superior. You see I read the Hourglass KAL page - I knew all the pitfalls - I had an extra skein of yarn, I made 3 extra sets of neck decreases to avoid the too big neck, yes I was pretty pleased with myself. I may have even gone so far as to say aloud to my husband that I have perfect guage. Well can you see where I'm going here? Wednesday AM, my sweater still looks lovely, in fact the stitches are now looking dare I say it? - perfect. Wednesday afternoon - feeling almost breathless - I try on the Hourglass, and what the ??? The sleeves are now at least 3 inches longer dragging on my knuckles, the neckline - bra straps sticking out WIDE, and the length now hitting at the widest part of my hips....huhh?? My cute little Hourglass is now a tunic.

OK this mirror shot stinks - it is really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror - I kept getting all mixed up trying to center myself with everything being opposite in this really weird way. Anyhow this shot doesn't really show the length problems, but look at that droopy armpit!

Paul finally took pity on me and took this picture which shows the crazy-long sleeves.

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I've never had this happen before, was it the silk content in the Noro Cash Iroha? (as an aside - it does drape nicely though)

So what do I do now? I'm wondering can I rip back the bottom of the sleeves and re-hem them? I think I could live with it if the sleeves were at least the right length. Maybe run a length of elastic through the neckline to help keep it in place? Re-block it and try to squish it all back in place? Any thoughts out there??? Please.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On the knitting front

Here's some evidence that I do actually knit once in a while. I'm so ashamed that I'm still working on my Olympic sweater, but finally the 'Hourglass' is off the needles! Unfortunately loads of hemming to do.

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I'm starting to feel a little panicked about completing my March sock for 'Sock a Month' club. This little picot edged cutie is for Caroline. I haven't allowed myself to work on it until the Hourglass is complete - I am vowing to finish it today. Then it will be a mad dash to finish the socks, then...I'm committed to the Pearl Buck Swing. Yikes the pressure!

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How do some of you find all the time to get so much knitting done? There's Iris who seems to whip off a pair of socks on a daily basis, while homeschooling her children and living the most idyllic life I think I've seen. And Jane - who knits, sews, embroiders, reads, bakes, takes incredible photos, loves her children like mad, and writes some of the most intelligent posts. And Jeanne who also seems incredibly smart, well read, insightful, as well as an accomplished knitter. Christine - who knits, raises her children, attends classes - (really hard sounding classes) - as well as doing a knitting podcast in her spare time. Francois knits fabulous projects, and comes up with the most wonderuful collection of knit related artwork for her blog. Oh I could go on and on. These bloggers are all so inspiring to me, not just for my knitting - but how I think, and how I live and raise my children. So even though I feel a little inadequate at times, that's OK because I just love everything I learn from the little glimpses into these other lives. Thank you bloggers.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Having a bad time of it - decorating for St. Patrick's day that is. I do love the holiday, just not the color. I just can't get into that kelly green. It's lovely on grass, a tree, perhaps a mossy rock - but clothing, or home Now sage or olive, that's another story - I'm not anti-green or anything.

Trying to weasle an invitation for our family to my mother in-law's for St. Patrick's dinner. She's a proper Irish girl, who can cook a proper Irish dinner. Goodness know I've tried, but this German/French girl just can't get it down, and I don't understand why - you pretty much just throw everything into a pot and boil the
'@#$%' out of it. Maybe it's genetic.

Anyhoo - I highly recommend this CD for your St. Patrick's day listening enjoyment.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ahh...The English Seaside's gray and snowing, freezing, and hurricane windy. I want to go here -

Stunning beach house in Whitstable built in 1884 for use by the British Army. Fantastic interior and interesting props. Private beach and decked seating area. Large pretty cottage garden. (What was the British Army doing at this fabulous beach house? Sign me up.)

I found these gorgeous pictures at jujulovespolkadots. Now that would be a dream vacation - to be in that cottage by the sea, taking classes taught by Julie. She just seems so clever and funny. It's fun to dream anyhow.

As long as we're dreaming, check out the other country estates pictured at the Oak Management web site - can you imagine?! I think I'd enjoy 'The Woodland House' in Bath while on my Jane Austen tour. They even have a category for 'Quirky' properties. Can you tell I'm really avoiding the housework today?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

nothin' could be finer than to knit with Caroliner

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Today's a half day at school. Alissa went to a friend's house, and Emily has a full day (poor girl), so I have Caroline all to myself. Guess what she asked to do?.....she actually asked to knit with me - oh my heart goes pitter-pat!

March is Red and Pink

I'm not officially participating in Project Spectrum - but I thought I'd make something red just for the fun of it. I love the color red, but for some reason, I don't ever wear it, decorate my home with it, or craft with it - hmm... So this little word cloud was about all I could pull off.

Now pink is another story. In a home with three little girls we have loads of pink, and I mean that literally. I am amazed that I can do two full loads pink (or pinkish) clothes each week.

As I finish this post I've realized that I overlooked some red that is literally staring me in the face - this groovy 3-D poppy that Alissa made hangs above my computer.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Get Unstuck

Sick Day

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Caroline is home with me today - she ate too many strawberries and got a tummy-ache. It's nice to have her here. We're reading The Hundred Dresses - a great book for little girls to read, and help them think about being kind to other girls who might be a little bit different.

Caroline found this tea cup in the bag where I keep all the shards of lovely things I've broken. I usually can't bear to just toss them. I imagine that some day I'll make something clever out of them. Anyhow, she salvaged this pretty cup (apparently I only broke the saucer) - she's been sipping her OJ from the cup with a bendy straw, very elegant.


Is the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket in my future? I'm beginning to think so. Although I'm completely put off by all the piecing and finishing involved, I'm still drawn to it. First it really is a beautiful sweater, second the model in IK looks just like a grown up version of my niece Anya, and third The Good Earth is one of my favorite books ever. Last night I opened up my e-mail and found this:

Be-eth ... Be-e-eth. Kni-i-it me...

Love, PBSJ


Friday, March 03, 2006


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I've been waiting for this day. My red envelope arrived from Amy probably over a week ago (along with the always fun to peruse King Arthur Flour catalog). But I haven't dared to open it until I had a day - a day to myself to really enjoy it. It's been long in coming, but hurray the day is finally here and how cute are her illustrations?!

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I feel like a little kid, so excited to have something fun arrive in the mail. Now maybe I'll actually get myself organized. It's just so nice to have the house to myself - it seems so rare these days. I plan to spend the rest of the day with Hemingway, and my Hourglass sweater.

This is the view out my kitchen window

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So I was feeling quite pleased with my picture of these cheery daffodils (although beginning to droop a little) in their humble little Ball jar.

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Then I checked out Yarnstorm as I always do - and could only laugh when I saw Jane's fabulous vase of Daffs. Now how sad are mine?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Y is for Yarn

Oh happy day - after months of struggle, Caroline had her a-ha moment. Suddenly she's reading - this is such an exciting thing to watch. When you break it down into all it's basic elements, it amazes me that anyone learns how to read at all. I have no memories of learning how to read, other than that I was painfully aware of being in the slow reader's group in the first grade. While all the quick little readers were in the bunny group, I was relegated to the snake group - and believe me I couldn't have felt lower than a snake. I swear what are some teachers thinking?

This graphic is from the Jan Brett web site - I love her illustrations. She has tons of cute activities posted on her site. Check it out