Thursday, February 02, 2006

Braided Toe Holder

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I don't know why, but the name of this sock makes me laugh. I can just imagine the designer trying to come up with something clever. Anyhow, at long last here's my first post of a finished object - my new Braided Toe Holders! I'm modeling them in my favorite shoes - my Born Mary Janes. They're sensible yet feminine, and I feel about five years old when I wear them. I wear these shoes all the time with my jeans and love that my pretty handknit socks peak out of the open top so that I can secretly admire them. Would a 40 year old woman wear shoes like these? You betcha!

I knit these on #2 dpns, using one skein of Mountain Colors Yarn in Sierra. The pattern is from 3 Trails Handknit Designs. This pattern has a pretty little braid that looks like a small cable, but is actually a twisted stitch pattern. The twisted stitches definitely added to the knitting time, and I think would have been more effective in a solid yarn - the pattern gets a bit lost with the variegated. But I love them and will wear them often.

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lexa said...

Very nice socks! I really like the colors a lot. Twisted rib patterns are cool.