Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sick Day

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Caroline is home with me today - she ate too many strawberries and got a tummy-ache. It's nice to have her here. We're reading The Hundred Dresses - a great book for little girls to read, and help them think about being kind to other girls who might be a little bit different.

Caroline found this tea cup in the bag where I keep all the shards of lovely things I've broken. I usually can't bear to just toss them. I imagine that some day I'll make something clever out of them. Anyhow, she salvaged this pretty cup (apparently I only broke the saucer) - she's been sipping her OJ from the cup with a bendy straw, very elegant.


Jeanne said...

We love Slobodkin's "Many Moons" -- thanks for the recommendation, we'll look for it.

Surfing Free said...

Oh, a twisty straw with a lovely china cup - what could be finer. I love the way kids will drink just about anything through a twisty straw.