Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Spring

While busily avoiding my spring cleaning and taxes - I found some new places to visit. The little picture above is from Brown Betty. Molly Chicken has some other great links to Japanese cuteness. Who knew the Japanese made such cute, cute things? I could just shoot myself for not knowing this while my brother and sister in-law were living in Japan. I'm also a fan of Netherlands cute like this little spring daff at De Witte Engel.

Tongue in Cheek is a beautiful blog by an American woman living in France, married to a French man. She has gorgeous pictures, writes insightful posts, and shares her life in France, and her passion for French flea market finds. We also found this link at Tongue in Cheek, and although spring has arrived the girls have been busy making loads of snowflakes.

Some knitting sites My Dog Ate My Mittens and Two Left Needles

Cool places Shelterrific - "where obsessive homebodies hang" found via wee wonderfuls

Just plain weird: Do it yourself animals at (found this one via blackbird)...freaky.


francoise said...

There are so many wonderful blogs around that I find it extremely easy to avoid spring cleaning and taxes... Thanks for the new links...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

oh! I came here to visit you after your leaving such a kind thought on my blog...I was admiring the arts and craft images on your when I read my name, I had to do a triple take! What a delightful surprise!

Thank you for your kind words!