Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Material Girl

Cruising around the net today, I found some things I really want like this cute fabric from kitty-craft which I have absolutely no use for, and this "don't Socra-tease me" nail polish from OPI, and I already bought this wonderful cast iron frying pan (I found it at figandplum and love it).

And now it seems that all my favorite bloggers (yarnstorm, soulemama, angrychicken) have written books, and of course I want them all. I don't know where these fabulous ladies get all the time to keep up with their blogs, write books, and do all the creative things they do. I don't even try to keep up - I just enjoy what they share and take away a little inspiration. Oh, the Internet is a dangerous place - or at least an expensive one!

Sometimes I have a difficult time just adding new posts because I really get attached to the way my blog looks with a particular picture. For instance today it was difficult to replace the wee little blueboy (another Internet purchase) - hopefully he'll arrive in time to accompany us on our Boston vacation. Time to get off the computer before I can't afford a vacation!

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Caroline said...

Beth, I have the same with my blog about getting attached to pictures. My sister-in-law had to write me one time and say, "enough - with the picture of..., change your picture!"