Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lazy Day

hurray...finally got the little book to link to amazon! today is a lovely light snowy day, went for a run with paul and rae. alissa painted a pretty little water color johnny jump up - this will be my christmas present - we just need to get a suitable frame. i'll upload a picture of it as soon as i figure out how. i've been taking a stab at my first lace knitting project. i bought some gorgeous purple mohair yarn at rhinebeck - haiku from alchemy. it's to be a scarf for my mother in-law, but so far i'm not loving the lace experience - i was all excited to use my lantern moon needles with this yarn, but the needles are too blunt to pick up the fine yarn - it's been excruciating. word on the street is that bryspuns might be a better choice. can't wait to get to the woolly lamb on monday - gosh i hope they're open on mondays.


Joy Morykon said...

i love to knit too. I'm taking a felting class right now. it's tons of fun. how long have you been knitting?

enjoy blogging it's tons of fun..

nice to meet you

Beth said...

Hi Joy - oh my gosh, I'm shocked that I have a comment after only two posts! I pretty much figured no one would ever stumble upon my goofy little blog. nice to hear from someone. I read all these knitting blogs and know I could just be instant friends with all these smart women who seem to love all the same things that I love. Sadly I have very few real life friends who "get" the knitting thing - that's why I decided to blog. I love felting. I've made some really cute stuffed animals and a purse, although somehow it still seems wrong to felt all that knitting!

Thanks for your kind welcome. I'm off to check out your site.


Jane said...

Hi Beth, thanks for your comment about the delights of having to 'share' your time with everyone/everything at this time of year. Love the idea of it being a tinsel-covered marathon - I know exactly what you mean.

Good luck with the blog.