Friday, December 23, 2005

Notta Lotta Bloggin' Goin' On

I'm totally disappointed with myself and my complete lack of blogging. Many excuses to be had - the laryngitis cold, zillions of holiday events, mad shopping, and a week long bout of explosive diarrhea for poor Caroline. Yet still I notice that others seem to manage daily posts, I take solace in noting that some of my favorite bloggers seem to be experiencing a bit of a slow down. Still working on the Haiku scarf for my mother in-law, but making pretty good progress. I think I'll be able to finish without a last-minute frenzy. I did get new needles for the lace work and they make a world of difference - Balene's white plastic needles with a fabulous point, and a steal at only $2.80!

1 comment:

Jane said...

Thanks for your comment about the cards. I'm impressed that you actually made yours - and didn't just get the old ones out like I did!

Happy Christmas.