Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ahh...The English Seaside's gray and snowing, freezing, and hurricane windy. I want to go here -

Stunning beach house in Whitstable built in 1884 for use by the British Army. Fantastic interior and interesting props. Private beach and decked seating area. Large pretty cottage garden. (What was the British Army doing at this fabulous beach house? Sign me up.)

I found these gorgeous pictures at jujulovespolkadots. Now that would be a dream vacation - to be in that cottage by the sea, taking classes taught by Julie. She just seems so clever and funny. It's fun to dream anyhow.

As long as we're dreaming, check out the other country estates pictured at the Oak Management web site - can you imagine?! I think I'd enjoy 'The Woodland House' in Bath while on my Jane Austen tour. They even have a category for 'Quirky' properties. Can you tell I'm really avoiding the housework today?

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Jeanne said...

Can I come too? I have lots of housework this week, as well.