Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Having a bad time of it - decorating for St. Patrick's day that is. I do love the holiday, just not the color. I just can't get into that kelly green. It's lovely on grass, a tree, perhaps a mossy rock - but clothing, or home Now sage or olive, that's another story - I'm not anti-green or anything.

Trying to weasle an invitation for our family to my mother in-law's for St. Patrick's dinner. She's a proper Irish girl, who can cook a proper Irish dinner. Goodness know I've tried, but this German/French girl just can't get it down, and I don't understand why - you pretty much just throw everything into a pot and boil the
'@#$%' out of it. Maybe it's genetic.

Anyhoo - I highly recommend this CD for your St. Patrick's day listening enjoyment.

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