Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On the knitting front

Here's some evidence that I do actually knit once in a while. I'm so ashamed that I'm still working on my Olympic sweater, but finally the 'Hourglass' is off the needles! Unfortunately loads of hemming to do.

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I'm starting to feel a little panicked about completing my March sock for 'Sock a Month' club. This little picot edged cutie is for Caroline. I haven't allowed myself to work on it until the Hourglass is complete - I am vowing to finish it today. Then it will be a mad dash to finish the socks, then...I'm committed to the Pearl Buck Swing. Yikes the pressure!

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How do some of you find all the time to get so much knitting done? There's Iris who seems to whip off a pair of socks on a daily basis, while homeschooling her children and living the most idyllic life I think I've seen. And Jane - who knits, sews, embroiders, reads, bakes, takes incredible photos, loves her children like mad, and writes some of the most intelligent posts. And Jeanne who also seems incredibly smart, well read, insightful, as well as an accomplished knitter. Christine - who knits, raises her children, attends classes - (really hard sounding classes) - as well as doing a knitting podcast in her spare time. Francois knits fabulous projects, and comes up with the most wonderuful collection of knit related artwork for her blog. Oh I could go on and on. These bloggers are all so inspiring to me, not just for my knitting - but how I think, and how I live and raise my children. So even though I feel a little inadequate at times, that's OK because I just love everything I learn from the little glimpses into these other lives. Thank you bloggers.


francoise said...

Your hourglass sweater looks great and I am really looking forward to this Pearl Buck swing jacket (such an interesting shape...).
Thanks for the mention of my blog. And I let you in on a secret: the housework suffers a lot!

Christine said...

Don't feel too bad - I just finished my February socks ... that I started and had hoped to finish in January ... in March! I hope to finish at least one other project this month, but that one is already at the 70% mark at least, and has been lingering since last fall. See? You're not alone!

Jeanne said...

It's a lot easier to seem smart when you get to proofread everything before it gets posted. Ooh, is that a confession? Here's another one -- I would MUCH rather read or knit than do housework, and yes, that is frequently what happens!

Thank you, though (blushing modestly) --