Saturday, August 30, 2008

In need of advice

Now that I'm running longer distances I need some way to track how far I've run. I'm considering either the Nike i-pod sport, or the Garmin 405. I like the nike because it costs much less, but I've heard it can be unreliable. I like the GPS function on the Garmin but the cost really puts me off. I'm not super crazed about my times and tracking every last detail about my runs. I just want to know how far I've gone, and how much time it took. I know I can get the less expensive garmin, but I'm not into wearing that huge clunky thing when I run. Any advice - save up for the garmin or go ahead and get the nike? BTW I don't run in nike sneaks so I'd also need to get some sort of device to attach the nike to my Mizuno's.

Ran 6 miles yesterday - I procrastinated all day long and ended up going late in the afternoon. I really prefer early runs, and I was just dogging it. The weather was so strange very autumnal rainy, windy, cold - I was freezing all day long. I wore my running pants and a long sleeved shirt which turned out to be a mistake, I got so hot and tired and then aggravated with myself for my poor choice in clothes that I didn't much enjoy the run. Must choose better next time!

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